DIGITEC 2017 is a key platform for the exchange of knowledge, insights and ideas on digital transformation and forward thinking concepts and solutions for the 21st century workplace and learning environments. Complementary to the conference, the exhibition booths will showcase technology that are cutting edge for learning, professional and continuing education, and for improving work processes in education institutions as well as industry.

Information on Exhibitors and Booths

SMU Academy

SMU Academy is the professional training arm of Singapore Management University. The exhibit will showcase the range of programmes available for working adults in the area of Financial Services, Human Capital, Leadership & Management and Technology & Intelligent Systems and others. The Academy will also demonstrate the approaches it takes to arm our workforce with the competencies and career resilience required for the future economy.

Principals Academy

Incorporated as a joint venture between the Academy of Principals (Singapore) and the Singapore Economic Development Board, Principals Academy Inc (PAI) was established in response to the national vision of developing Singapore into a thriving international education hub. The exhibit will showcase the programmes and services that PAI provides for educators in the region and beyond in line with its strategic objectives of empowering educators and learners with the necessary skills and opportunities to enhance their educational & professional development.

Master of IT in Business

The Master of IT in Business (MITB) is a professional education programme designed to be industry relevant, rigorous, holistic and experiential. It equips and empowers graduates and professionals with analytics and financial technology skills necessary to change the world today and tomorrow. The exhibit will showcase a curriculum that puts technology in the context of business and balances IT with leadership, management and communication skills.


The Livelabs Research Centre at SMU will showcase a variety of advanced, mobile-centred analytics and customer engagement technologies for indoor public spaces as well as production-grade innovations in indoor location tracking, movement and mobile data-based analytics and software for conducting consumer behaviourial trials in public venues.

Living Analytics Research Centre

LARC is a collaboration between SMU and Carnegie Mellon University. This exhibit will showcase research and project demonstrations on behavioural and social network analytics.

Singapore Business Federation

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) is the apex business chamber championing the interests of the Singapore business community in the areas of trade, investment and industrial relations. It represents 24,200 companies, as well as key local and foreign business chambers.


This booth showcases NAO, the robot being applied by Deloitte to explore the future of automated work. NAO is an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics, a French robotics company headquartered in Paris.

Straits Interactive

Straits Interactive delivers end-to-end governance, risk and compliance solutions that enable trusted business and responsible marketing, especially in the area of data privacy and protection. The exhibit will showcase how Straits Interactive helps businesses achieve operational compliance and manage risks through a combination of cloud technology and professional services.

Research Communications International

Research Communication International (RCI) is an established Global Corporate Research Consultancy in Human Resource, Leadership and Organisational Development, specialising in the building of quality corporate cultures through research-based technologies for training, profiling and leadership benchmarking. The exhibit will showcase PEAKS, a global online psychometric technology developed by RCI that measures human potential at all levels of organisations and societies.

SMU-TCS iCity Lab

The Lab is a joint initiative between SMU and Tata Consultancy Services for the development of cloud-based IT solutions for intelligent cities in Asia and worldwide. The exhibit showcases the innovative solutions and citizen-centre services, integrating Internet of Things and social behavioural research to enable an inclusive smart city.

Bayes Digital Solutions

Bayes Digital Solutions is changing how businesses connect platforms, processes, and people. What used to take months can be done now in minutes. Our Smart BPM (Business Process Management) is AI-driven, enabling businesses to independently create their own unique digital ecosystem to seamlessly connect and automate their business end-to-end. Our Natural language AI chatbot, Dashboard Workbench and Report builder allows businesses to uncover new opportunities through its unique data blending and data harmonisation.

Kosh Consulting Group

Kosh Consulting Group is a premier consulting firm and a leading advisor on human capital and corporate strategy. We strive to be the trusted global partner for our clients, with an unwavering focus on providing transformative solutions that best addresses their highest value opportunities and most critical needs. We distinguish ourselves through strategic long-term partnerships with key clients, and through a high level of customization and world-class service. The delivery of our solutions rests on an integrated network of freelance consultants in a broad range of disciplines.